Privacy Policy


1. Welcome to (the "Website"), a service provided by CoreForce Ltd. and the subsidiaries it has ("CoreForce", "we", "us" or "our"). For the purposes of General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 ("GDPR"), CoreForce Ltd, a Cyprus company, having its registered address at 25 Martiou, 40A
Paliometocho, 2682, Nicosia, Cyprus, and Registration No. HE360662, is the "controller" or a "data ", i.e. the person which determines the purposes and means of handling of your personal data.
2. Your privacy is really important to us and we take it very seriously. Therefore, we ask you to read this Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") carefully as it explains you important information about, among others:
Why We Collect and Process Your Personal Data
About Your Consent
What Information we Collect about You
How Long We Keep Your Information
How We Share Your Information, including Categories of Recipients of Personal Data
Where the Personal Data of Yours Can Be Processed
About Cookies Files
Our use of Google Analytics and Google Adwords tools
About Marketing and Opting out
About Your Rights
Whom You Can Complaint To
About Children
How to Contact Us

3. Information related to cookies and other similar technologies you can find in our Cookie Policy, which together with this Privacy Policy forms the part of our Terms of Use. So, we encourage you to take some time to read this Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy, along with our Terms of Use, in order to be sure that you understand our personal information related policies and are comfortable with providing us with your personal data.

4. If, while reading this Privacy Policy, you find some undefined terms, it has the same meaning as in our Terms of Use.
5. If you for some reason(s) do not agree with any provision of this Privacy Policy, then you should not access or use the Website and our Services.
6. If you have any questions and/or concerns about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us at any time at

Why We Collect and Process Your Personal Data

7. We are extremely serious about your privacy and use your personal information exceptionally for legal reasons and in compliance with personal data protection law, for purposes such as:

  • to provide you with the Services you request;
  • to ensure that our Website content is presented on your device in the most effective way;
  • to contact you in relation to an ordering process;
  • to carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between you and CoreForce.
  • to manage your account, including processing payments and refunds and providing notifications;
  • to keep our Website safe and secure;
  • to notify you about changes in our Services;
  • to respond to, and handle any comments, queries or complaints addressed by you regarding the Website and our Services, and any similar comments, queries or complaints from other customers;
  • to conduct research, statistical and behavioral analysis;
  • to contact you for marketing purposes, where applicable;
  • to manage our website and for domestic operations, including diagnostic, analysis of data, testing, investigation, survey purposes, and statistical use.
  • to make suggestions and recommendations to you and other customers of our site about services that may interest you or them.

Legal Reasons for Handling of Your Information
8. We may only handle your personal data by having a certain legal ground to that end (i.e. "legal basis" in terms of GDRP). For the purposes of this Policy, our legal basis for processing for your personal data is:

  1. your consent which is necessary for certain types of processing (for direct marketing, for example);
  2. because the handling is required for the fulfillment of a contract between you and CoreForce or for us to take any necessary prior steps before entering into such a contract, on condition that we do this exceptionally per your request;
  3. our legitimate interest in:
  • protecting CoreForce and our customers from attempts to engage in fraudulent transactions (for our fraud detection processes);
  • protecting the security of your account;
  • providing quality customer support.
  1. to comply with a legal obligation.

Your Consent

9. Before we can process your personal data, we will ask you to give your consent for certain processing activities. Please note that if you have earlier expressed your consent you may freely withdraw such consent at any time by emailing
10. If you withdraw your consent, and if we do not have another legal ground for processing, then we will cease handling your personal data.
11. Please be advised that in case we need to handle your personal data for the purpose of managing the Website and/or providing our Services, but you argue or do not agree with us handling your personal information, the Website and/or our Services may become not accessible for you.

What Information we Collect about You

12. During your use of the Website and our Services we can collect your personal and non-personal data and we can collect it in a few different ways.
Personal Data
Information We Collect Directly from You

  1. Information which you provide us with by filling in our Order Form or by corresponding with us by phone, email or otherwise. This includes information you provide when you ordering Services on the Website, submit certain materials for your Paper, sign up and create or edit your profile/account, take part in a survey, and when you report a problem. The information you give us may include:
  • your name;
  • email address;
  • password;
  • phone number, and
  • details of your academic profile.

13. This data is necessary for the adequate performance of the contract between you and CoreForce and to allow us to carry out our legal obligations arising from this contract.

  1. Additionally, if you wish, you may also complete a survey on your profile and provide us with the following information:
  • your place of birth;
  • birth date;
  • your gender;
  • your academic level;
  • your academic major (area of study); and
  • your family status.

14. The judicial reason for handling this information is our legitimate interests in improving our Services and providing quality service support. Information from Third Parties
15. We may work with certain third parties (for example, business partners, sub-contractors, payment service providers, analytics providers) and we also may receive some information about you from them.
16. We do not browse or save your payment card information. Third-party service providers, process your payment card information when you use a payment card to place an Order on our Website. So, we advise you thoroughly examine privacy policy of corresponding payment service provider. However, they may provide us with certain your personal data which may include:

  • your payment card holder name;
  • email registered, and
  • your address.

Information We Collect Automatically
17. When you use our Services or access our Website, we automatically collect non-personally identifiable information but which potentially may be used to identify you personally. This includes data about your device, browser, OS, your IP-address, general location information (country) and time zone, and the date and time of each of your session on our Website. This information may be collected through various technologies, including server logs, cookies and similar technologies (web beacons, for example). Non-Personal Data Information We Collect Directly from You
18. We may also collect from you certain non-personal data, including any materials you provide us for your Paper and password of your profile.

How Long We Keep Your Information

19. We will maintain your information exceptionally until we may need it according to the conditions given in 'Why We Collect and Process Your Personal Data' section. If necessary, we can hold information for over a longer period of time in order to adhere to our legislative or regulatory liabilities.

How We Share Your Information (including Categories of Recipients of Personal Data)

20. Your personal data can be shared with other third parties as follows:

  • Any of the third parties accomplish some specific actions on our behalf which include the processing of the personal data provided by you. We give those third parties an availability of the personal data of yours only when it is required so.
  • Your personal data can be rendered to the external organizations and agencies, which allows to avoid and notice any fraud actions (including but not limited to the fraudulent transactions) or illegal actions.
  • Your personal data can be sold, divulge, or transmitted being a part of a corporate business transactions, which is related to the merger, financing, joint venture, acquisition, corporate reorganization, or sale of company assets, or in the unlikely event of insolvency, receivership, or bankruptcy, when the data could be rendered to the third- parties as a business asset in the transaction.
  • Your personal data may be transferred to any third parties in case we have an obligation to reveal and give your personal data for the purpose of observing any juridical responsibility (according to the court order).
  • Any cumulative non-personal data related to the visitors of our Website, sales and traffic patterns, including the partners of ours and the third parties.
  • Your personal data can be rendered to the third parties in case you give us your prior affirmative consent. You can provide us with it in the written form or online by means of "click-through" agreements; by accepting the terms related to the disclosure of some specific Services; in oral form while communicating with the Customer Support Representatives of our Website.

Categories of Recipients of Personal Data
Our Service Providers
21. We may disclose your personal data to third-party contractors, service providers and partners who complete transactions or provide us with certain services (for example, payment card processing, billing, customer service, auditing, and marketing). We will ensure they have appropriate measures in place to protect your data.
Our Affiliates
22. To enable and support us in providing the Services, we may also transfer your personal data within our group of companies (to an affiliate, or a subsidiary company).
23. We may disclose your personal data to others: (i) if we got your actual agreement to do so; (ii) to fulfill an actual subpoena, legitimate order, court order, legal procedure, or other legal responsibility; (iii) to implement any of our Terms of Use or policies; (iv) as necessary to pursue accessible legal remedies or safeguard judicial claims; or (v) to fulfill our judicial responsibilities. We may also pass your personal information in case of any reconfiguration, merging, selling, joint enterprise, appointment, handover or any similar management of the whole or any part of our business, stock or assets, including, but not limited to, in relation to going bankrupt or other corresponding event. Any entity of the kind that we pass personal data to will not handle your personal information apart from as outlined in this Privacy Policy without giving you notice and, if necessary according to the applicable laws, getting your agreement.
24. We may disclose aggregated, anonymous information (i.e. information from which you cannot be personally identified) to selected third parties, including analytics and search engine providers to assist us in the improvement and optimization of the Website and our Services. In this case we do not disclose any data which can identify you personally in any way.

Where the Personal Data Can Be Processed

25. We can share the personal data we gather about you with the third parties located within the countries which have the jurisdiction that differs from the one of the country you live in. This is usually related to the countries which are not regarded as a part of European Economic Area.
The jurisdictions provide various types of safety and security regarding the personal data and, in some cases, may be not safer in comparison with the jurisdiction of the country you are located in. This Privacy Policy guarantees that we provide you with a security of your personal data. As a result, you give your consent that we may transmit, process, and store the personal data of yours beyond the bounds of the European Economic Area.


What are Internet cookies and what do they do?

22. A description of cookies explains them as small files which are stored on your device (PC, tablet, etc.) that allow determining your visit and all your preferences while browsing our Website. As a rule, these are the files that include both letters and numbers. So, when you visit our website, these numbers and letters are sent from our server and stored on your device.

23. With the help of cookies we can remember your preferences when you start using our Website. This way, you can stay logged in, keep the ordered items saved, and many more.

24. Since we use cookies, you agree with it by opening the website in your browser. If you disagree, you can disable or block cookies when you want it. Nevertheless, after you do that, there’s no guarantee that will be functioning properly, because cookies are very important for a proper performance of the Website.

We use various types of cookies. What are they?

25. Persistent cookies are stored while the sessions in browsers are changing. They are used for the purpose of saving your preferences.

Session cookies help to remember the information about the experience of the user within some period of time, namely while you are browsing the Website. Right after you leave it, this type of cookies disappears from the hard drive of your device. Using session cookies is helpful, because they increase the security of some operations. They are internet banking or webmail procedures.

Why do we use cookies? There are some basic reasons:

  • You can place your orders due to them. Disabling cookies will make it not possible for you to order through our order form on the website.
  • You can use our live chat to communicate with us 24/7.
  • You can stay signed in your personal control panel.
  • We can track any activity by you with the help of Google Analytics tool.

The Table of Cookies that are used on the Website

26. In the following table you can find particular types of cookies that are stored by our Website and see the purposes they are used for.

What should you do if you want to block or even delete cookies?

27. If you give your preference to deleting or blocking cookies, you can easily do it at any time. However, it's necessary to pay extra attention to the fact that after cookies are deleted or just blocked, there's no guarantee that our Website will continue functioning in the same good way. This may happen because cookies play a very important role for the Website to function properly.

28. To advance our Website and make the users' experience better, we use Google Analytics. This tool helps us to figure out in what way the visitors connect our Website. First, the details about your visit of our website is generated in a cookie, they are delivered to Google. This way we can make some reports with statistics about the activity on our Website.

29. Learn much more information about cookies and the ways of how to block or delete them here

30. If you no longer want to be monitored by Google Analytics at any of the website you visit, go here to get more information

31. Please be sure that we never get any personal and private information by means of cookies.

Our use of Google Analytics and Google Adwords tools

Here at this Website we use Google Analytics which is a service that helps us make a Web analysis due to Google Inc. ("Google"). The service Google Analytics itself uses "cookies" and they help us track the way you use our Website. The use of cookies means that the information of how you use our Website is rendered to the Google's server located in the USA. Google, in return, makes the use of the information received and with the help of it evaluates the way you use our Website by creating the reports of your activity and providing the rest of the services which are connected with the activity on this Website. Also, Google can transmit the information received to the other third parties if it is required by law, or in the cases when these third parties process the information that is received on behalf of Google.
Google as well as our Google Analytics data can start using your personal data taken from the personal Google account of yours that allows showing you ads based on your preferences. This takes place in case you allow Google to associate the history from your browser and app with your personality. This way your personal data will be taken from the personal Google account of yours and upon the data gathered by the Google Analytics tool in order to build the lists of audience or for the purpose of cross-device remarketing. Based on it, you will see ads on any device you use which is connected to your account at Google, because we used the data of the signed-in user.
Google gathers the Google-authenticated sign-in ID along with the other personal data that is associated with the specific account at Google of our users. And for the purpose of supporting our audiences Google also adds these identifiers to our Google Analytics data.
With the above mentioned cookies, we also use other third party vendor remarketing tracking type of cookies, which includes the tracking cookie of Google Adwords. Due to it we will keep on displaying you ads while you are browsing the Internet, which is specifically related to the Google Content Network (GCN).
The third-party vendors, which includes Google whose services are at our disposal, will place cookies on the web browsers for the purpose of serving ads upon the history of the latest visits to our Website. With the help of it we will create special offers for our clients and keep on marketing our Services to all visitors who expressed their preference of our Services.
The use of cookies may be stopped at any moment by our clients if they choose the specific settings in the browsers they use. By doing this, however, it is necessary to keep in mind that it may influence the proper functionality of our Website.
Also, our visitors should realize that any of the personal data that is gathered at this Website will never be stored as a part of the remarketing program we use. Remarketing is used by us with one and only purpose that is to give you promotions and additional information upon the previous experience and behavior of the visitors on our Website. To get even more information, please visit the Privacy Policy page and Analytics Help.

Marketing and Opting-out

If you previously gave us your consent, we may contact you through electronic messaging services including emails, text messages and similar services about our Services, promotions and special offers which may be interested to you.


If you wish to exercise this right, you should contact us by sending an email to or through the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our marketing emails.

Your Rights

As a data subject (in terms of GDPR) you have rights with regard to personal data you provided us with. Please note that we may ask you to verify your identity before taking further action on your request. Therefore, you have:

  • right of access to your personal data . There’s the right for you to obtain your personal data that is stored or processed about you. Your request may be subject to a small fee depending on certain circumstances and depending on when you request this right.
  • right of rectification . If your personal data are wrong, incorrect or not complete, you have the right to obtain correction of your data.
  • right to erasure ('right to be forgotten'). You can ask to remove your data in case:
    • you withdraw your consent to the processing and there is no other legal ground for the processing;
    • you object to the processing and there are no overriding legitimate grounds for the processing;
    • you object to the processing for direct marketing;
    • your data have been unlawfully processed, or
    • when processing personal data of children.
  • right to restrict the processing of your personal data , for example where the personal data is inaccurate or where you have objected to the processing.
  • right to object to processing of your personal data based on our legitimate interest. You can always object to the processing of personal data about you for direct marketing and profiling in connection to such marketing.
  • right to request not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing , for example where a computer program makes decisions which affect your contractual rights.
  • right to data portability . You have a right to receive your personal data that you have provided to us in a machine-readable format. Where secure and technically feasible such data can be transmitted to another data controller by us.

Your request to exercise your rights will be assessed given the circumstances in every individual case. Please note that we may also preserve and use your data to respond to our legal commitments, settle disputes, and ensure compliance with the agreement. When submitting your request, please put it in written form by sending an email to our Customer Support Team -


If you have any concerns about how we collect or process your data you have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority, which is Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection: 1 Iasonos str., 1082 Nicosia P.O.Box 23378, 1682 Nicosia Tel: +357 22818456 Fax: +357 22304565 Email:


Our Website and our Services are not aimed for children below 16 years of age. No person who is below 16 years of age has a right to share with us any personal data. We do not deliberately or purposely gather personal data from children below 16 years of age. In case you are below 16 years of age, you shall not use this Website or leave any information on it or through our Services, purchase anything on it, or provide us with any information, which may include your name, address, phone number, your e-mail, nickname or user name. In case we find out that we have gathered any personal data from any child below 16, such information will be deleted. In case you assume there’s any data from or about a child below 16, please get in touch with us at

Final provisions

The SSL-certificate used to process all the information submitted to the order and/or inquiry forms guarantees full confidentially of your information and the safety of all the transactions submitted through these forms. To restrict access of any third party to the collected personal details of our clients, we shall take all reasonable efforts. Our employees are to be properly instructed and trained to keep the safety of provided information. This Privacy Policy document forms a complete understanding between you and us. Neither party of the agreement, nor you, nor us, shall have confidence in any oral or written details not expressly included in this Privacy Policy. Notices and reports of this document are to be considered as learned and read when 1 day passes from the moment the report or notice was sent. This document may be changed, adjusted, revised at our absolute and sole discretion with any issued notices or warnings.

Contacting Us

  You are welcome to ask questions, give us your comments, and send us requests in relation to our Privacy Policy to The agreement of the Privacy Policy is concluded in electronic form, which equals in legislative force to that signed in ink. This Privacy Policy was last updated on September 21nd 2023.

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