Useful Tips on How to Survive Freshman Year

Leaving home for college is usually stressful for students, especially for those who are immensely attached to their parents. Most students develop their abilities to resist stress while living in campus. In college, you will have to gain your own experience and find your own ways to deal with problems. However, we would like to offer you some tips from experience of other people so that it will be easier for you to deal with stress. Check out our new inforgraphic with college freshmen tips!
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How to Manipulate People

Manipulation seems to sound like something evil. But let’s be realists, we are being manipulated every day by parents, friends, and media. Even you manipulate other people unconsciously. The manipulation is not a bad thing until it’s used for a vicious purpose. So if you’d like to manipulate someone, make sure that the reason is worth it. Make use of this infographics: find out more about manipulative methods and be ready to defend them.
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Are You Ready For Freelancing

Still dwelling on the thought whether or not to become a freelancer? While working from home seems to have a lot of perks, it's not for everyone.
You have to be disciplined, know how to win the clients' hearts and be ready to learn new skills when necessary. Take a glimpse at the infographic below, and find out if you should reconsider switching to freelancing.
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Improve Your Content Performance Through the Art of Stealing

Have you ever read a breathtaking blog post and thought "Wow, how did the author do that?"
Would you like to write such blog posts yourself? The infographic below shows how to learn the writing techniques that work, and successfully apply them to your website.
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How To Simplify Your Life

Got too much on your agenda? Classes, gym, homework, a party, and, of course, an hour of Netflix. It gets a bit overwhelming, trying to do all those things in one day. So take a moment to determine which items in that list are important and which are not. Then do some crossing out.
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How to Write a 5 Year Plan

A dream is something that makes you jump out of bed in the morning. To stop procrastinating on your dream and make it happen you need to develop a plan. 5 years is a perfect term - not too long for you to lose focus and not too short to get overwhelmed with all the work. Learn from the infographic below how to create a 5-year plan and how to follow it.
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9 Famous Success Trough Failure Stories

Dreading to engage in your next endeavor because of previous failures? Time to give up your failures is NOW. Thomas Edison failed 9000 times before inventing an electric lightbulb. Walt Disney got rejected 302 times before receiving financing for his Disney World.
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Surefire Writing Strategies For Those Who Think They Can't Write

Discover how to ditch the "I can't write" attitude and get all those assignments done in no time."
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College Students VS Netflix Addiction

When someone asks you what your favorite season is, you go "of which show?" You're often unable to resist watching "one more episode"? In the battle Netflix vs. studying vs. friends Netflix is always the one to win? In the infographic below find the answers to why you just can't stop using Netflix and what actions you can take to stop the vicious cycle of binge-watching.
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Dating a Star Wars Fan

Your significant other is changing around the word order when talking to you. As a gift for Valentine's Day they ordered some kind of a laser sword. They love to occasionally throw in the "May the force be with you" phrase. Sounds weird? Check the infographic below to see other signs that your partner is, in fact, a huge "Star Wars" fan!
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A Star Wars Guide to Achieving Goals

When striving to achieve our goals we are often on the lookout for some role models we can get advice from - businessmen, scientists, actors. Why not this time take a closer look at the following Star Wars characters.
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Smart Career Tips from Movies

When taking first steps in your career you might probably need some encouragement. It may come from your friends, your family, and of course, the Internet, where lots of career tips and advice can be found. But you have not probably considered MOVIES as your career advice source. How did Frank Underwood from "House of Cards" grow to become so powerful? What was the Joker's ("The Dark Knight") secret of success? What tricks did Miranda Priestly ("Devil Wears Prada") have up her sleeve? To find that out, check the infographic below, where movie characters are giving valuable career tips.
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Blogger vs Journalist: The Ultimate Debate Solved

What is the difference between bloggers and journalists? Can a blogger be a journalist and vice versa? Is blogging more popular than journalism today? The debate on journalist vs blogger is old as the hills but still ongoing. Some people think that as far as writing is concerned in both cases, bloggers and journalists are just the varieties of the same writing profession. Others think that there are peculiarities that set bloggers and journalists apart. Still others just remain confused and look for the way to solve the question. But no source offers the straightforward answer. It is time to settle this ultimate confrontation once and forever!
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How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer

Is it hard to become a freelance writer? No, but it takes some preparation though. You can't jump into the industry right away and start making money. Follow the infographic to learn more about freelance industry, get tips on building your business and start earning as a freelance writer.
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How to Calm Job Interview Nerves

Job interview is a stressful situation for anyone. However, no matter how nervous you are, it is important to make a good first impression, show interviewers that you are a reliable professional, who can resist stress and stay reasonable no matter what. So, the question is – how to stay calm and not show your fears during the interview?
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How to Memorize a Speech

Memorizing a speech can be tricky. Especially if it's a long one. Princeton study shows that it's extremely difficult to memorize verbatim text. But do we have other options? Check out our infographic to learn about more effective ways of speech memorizing.
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The World of Custom Essays

Essay writing is our everyday task. We get hundreds of orders, we process them, and we do our best to provide clients with high quality pieces of writing. That is something we are good at. No, actually...that is something we are proficient at! And that is what we know a lot about. So, we decided to get you backstage of custom essay writing and share some unique statistics.
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Travel & Feast Like Hemingway

When you embark on your next travelling adventure, try taking advice from Ernest Hemingway. This classic American writer sure knew some great places around the world where to take a sip and enjoy a good meal. You don’t have to love his books to savor a Hemingway Hammer at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West, Florida, or grab a bite of filet de beouf in Closerie des Lilas in Paris.
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Perfectionism: Is It a Good Or a Bad Thing?

A finicky and destructive mind-set that is a straight path to unhappiness... a common definition of perfectionism. Why is everyone so pessimistic about it? Why not dig deeper and uncover the bright side of perfectionism! Better performance results and great organization skills for starters.
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