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Welcome to Essay Tigers, the best place to buy an essay written by professional essay writers who have a knack for producing top-notch academic writing on almost any subject. With deadlines as little as 3 hours, we always guarantee on-time delivery with prices starting at just $8 per page! Since customer satisfaction is our first priority, we provide three FREE revisions within seven days and 24-hour support through phone, email, and live chat.

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Essay Tigers specializes in a range of essays

We understand that not every essay is the same. Depending on what college or school you go to, what you’re studying, and even what type of teacher you have, you will have to write a very specific type of essay and will have a list of specific requirements that you must adhere to when writing your essay.

When you purchase essay papers from Essay Tigers, you can be sure that the person writing your essay is an expert in that particular type of essay. From detailed, story-driven narrative essays to well-structured admission essays that hit all the right notes, we can do it all!

Here are all the different essays you can buy from us:

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Critical essay

A type of writing that evaluates and analyzes a particular piece of work or concept, such as a book, film, artwork, or argument. The goal is to offer an informed and objective analysis that highlights both strengths and weaknesses.

Persuasive essay

An essay that aims to convince the reader to adopt a particular point of view or take a specific action. The writer must present a strong argument and provide evidence to support their position.

Narrative essay

The goal of this essay is to tell a story, usually from the writer's personal experience. The goal is to engage the reader by describing events, characters, and emotions in a vivid and compelling manner.

Definition essay

A type of writing that explains the meaning of a particular term or concept. The writer must provide a clear and concise definition, and may also include information on the history, uses, and characteristics of the term.

Compare and contrast essay

Comparing and contrasting two or more items, such as ideas, concepts, or objects. The goal is to identify similarities and differences and to evaluate which is more effective or relevant.

Expository essay

An essay that explains, informs or describes a particular subject or concept. The writer must provide clear and concise information, often using facts and examples to support their argument.

Cause and effect essay

The goal when writing this type of essay is to explore the reasons for and consequences of a particular event or situation. The writer must identify the cause(s) and describe the effect(s), exploring the relationship between the two.

Informal essay

A more personal and relaxed essay than other forms of academic writing. The writer may use a conversational tone and may write about topics that are more personal or subjective in nature.

Explanatory essay

Writing that provides a step-by-step explanation of a particular process or phenomenon. The writer must provide clear and concise information and may use diagrams, illustrations, or other forms of visual aids to support their argument.

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Do you want to get into your dream college or university and secure a scholarship but are struggling to write an effective admission or college essay that will blow them away? Don’t take any chances; you might only have one opportunity to impress whoever is reading your application.

Our team of experienced and qualified writers specializes in admission, college and scholarship essay writing. They understand the importance of a well-written essay and will work with you to craft a compelling and memorable story that showcases your strengths, values, and experiences.

Admission essay

This is a written piece that is typically required as part of the college admission process. The essay provides a chance for the student to showcase their personality, writing skills, and academic interests to the admission committee. Our expert writers will help you showcase your potential to succeed academically at your school.

College essay

This could be a general essay about a particular topic or a personal essay that reflects on the student's experiences, values, and goals. College essays can vary in length and format, but their purpose is to help the college determine if the student is a good fit for the institution and what kind of person they are.

Scholarship essay

This is an opportunity for the student to demonstrate their writing skills, academic achievements, and financial need to the scholarship committee. The purpose of a scholarship essay is to help the committee determine if the student is worthy of the scholarship award based on their academic achievements, goals, and financial situation. With our writer's help, you’ll have a much better chance of fending off any competition for that scholarship you’ve had your eye on!

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We offer custom essay writing for essentially all types of academic projects. Essay Tiger's staff of qualified writers is here to help you with any type of academic project, including research papers, dissertations, essays, and other types of assignments.

We promise to provide specialized and unique solutions to meet each student's individual requirements and aspirations because we understand that they are unique. Our writers are experts in their fields, with years of experience and a solid grasp of academic writing. This makes it possible for us to provide professional essays for high school students in their first year, college students seeking a bachelor's degree, and working adults obtaining a master's degree.

We take pride in delivering excellent work that is always original and plagiarism-free. We use cutting-edge software and technology to ensure that every essay we provide satisfies the strictest standards for academic integrity.

Along with providing top-notch writing services, we provide our students with a wide range of benefits. Our purchasing process is quick and simple, and we offer customer care that is available around the clock to answer any questions you might have. We also have a 3-hour minimum deadline and a speedy turnaround time!

Your information is not disclosed to any outside parties by us. To purchase an essay, all you need to give us is an email address; everything else, such as your actual name, address, or other personal data, is optional. All sensitive data is secured and protected on our SSL-certified system.

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How to order an essay from Essay Tigers

The ordering process is simple and fast if you want to purchase an essay from us. The first step is to finish the purchase form, which includes three sections: choosing the kind of essay you want, listing the specifications for the work, and providing your personal data.

You must register for an account with us and pay for the item after submitting the order form. This assists us in safely processing your payment and safeguarding your personal data.

The best writer for the project is selected once payment has been received based on a number of factors, including academic level, subject, and category. Our team of writers comes from a variety of disciplines, so we can match your project's exact requirements with the writer who would be most effective for it.

A writer will begin writing your essay once they are assigned to it. The completed essay is sent to you for review and approval. If you think the essay does not meet your standards or the assignment's requirements, you may either accept it as is or ask for a free revision. Once it has been approved, you are given the essay in the format of your choice.

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EssayTigers brings you the best in custom paper writing!

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